The Team

The Team is headed by Henry Obaretin - BA, Hons London, Chairman and Managing Director of St. Bridget and Tracey Nig Ltd. His business career started in the UK incorporating many years of experience which has enabled him to build a solid customer focused team.

Henry Obaretin still continues to head the team of hardworking and dedicated workforce which deliver quality products and exceptional services to customers across Nigeria and supports partners globally.

From our dedicated customer service staff to sales and marketing staff through to accounts, warehouse and drivers, we all have one cherished goal

And that is - to satisfy our valued customers and earn their trust.

Our team is our most valuable asset so we offer them ongoing development and make sure they are happy and motivated in order to guarantee a solid team that will consistently deliver quality business support.

For all enquiries, please use the enquiry form on the home page. We look forward to hearing from you.